Self care journey. December 3rd.

This habit often took be out of difficult times, because it makes us looking at something else that the negative surrounding us. And yes, sometimes, it wasn’t that easy to find even only 3 things… but even the smallest one is valuable. And the feedback is also really important. Seeing our list grow, reading it…

Once more, don’t pressure yourself. You can do it daily, or just when you feel like it. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Remember, you do it for you, that’s it. Not for me, not to follow the rules. You do it, because it will make you feel good. And it will. Oftentimes, we focus on the loud brasant drama around us, owerwhelming us, while the little things are sparks, whispers… once you aware of them, you will discover they are everywhere!

And I have a surprise for you! I made special pagees to record them !! Both in A5 and A4. You can print as many as you need!

Grab them, and start harvesting your sparks!

Have a good day!

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