Self-care journey. December 1st.

Today I grabbed the notebook I made for december (you can find it here, and print it if you feel inclined to, in either A5 or AA), and I added a page I made to write down what really matters to me, all month long. I am using the A5 version of the notebook, so I also made a page for december 31st, where I will write everything that happened this year, before making my little cards.

This is the french version, the one I am going to use, but the file you will find below is for the english version.

I also made a A4 page for today, as the 31st is already good as it is.

Today is about picking your notebook or journal, to get it ready it, and to set your intent on taking care of yourself all month long. Let me be clear: you don’t have to get a notebook, you don’t have to write anything down. You can also choose to keep this experience within. Because we all deserve to take care of this unique person who will stay with us our whole life: ourselves.

Have a beautiful day. And be aware of what makes you vibe, from now on.

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