Self care journey. December 5th.

Music has always been my emotions companion. It is able to uplift me, or to guide me into the depths of my soul. I can’t spend a day without listening to music, without playing music. It is part of my life.

Today, you are proposed to make a playlist of uplifting, feel good, appeasing music. It can be music that makes you willing to dance, or to relax. Whatever answers your needs, the emotions you want to feel right now. Personally, I have several options:

  • I can go for jazz, because this music is linked, in my mind, to beautiful nights spent in good company, and is my appeasing, communion music of choice.
  • I can also choose tribal, traditional music, as its rhythms motivates me, resonate deep within and spark my creativity.
  • I can opt for epic, symphonic music, to let go, to go with the flow.
  • I can go for songs linked to specific memories, beautiful moments, or the smiles of my friends and family.
  • I can also choose folk music, even metal folk or indie folk, because I love this genre in all its forms.
  • I can indeed pick electronic music, to get energized and help me do whatever I need to do. Or metal, for the same reason… or a mix of both.
  • Or I can choose to make a mix of all of them, because I feel like it!

There is no rules. Or maybe one: enjoy music. Let it take you far away, let its rhythms and harmonies rejuvenate you.

Concretely, I can make my playlist on Youtube, or Spotify, or on the app I have installed on my phone, or even on my computer with the music files I have on it… I love making playlists, to meditate, to write, or draw, to wake me up on my way to work, to relax me on my way back, to get me to bed, to give a soundtrack to rainy days, sunny mornings…. for every occasion, really! And I also keep some silent moments… i am not scared at all to remain in silence hahaha.

I wish you an harmonious day.

I see you tomorrow!

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