Self care journey. December 19th.

It is time to step back a bit and to look at what we managed to put in place these last weeks. I know that, as far as I am concerned, I really succeeded to avoid being overwhelmed by stress or tensions, not like I used to be at this time of the year. I managed to acknowledge times when I started to be caught by it, and step aside as quick as possible. I managed to overcome, and to make choices in order to take care of my well being, and not to satisfy so called obligations that are actually just illusions. I also managed to turn a page of my life, and find myself in the excitement of new beginnings. I took action to materialize them and I feel in harmony with myself. I really took care of myself, in a simple way. If sometimes I could do the daily prompt, I didn’t put the blame on myself, I just decided it wasn’t the good time, that I could do it later. If I didn’t have the strength or the time to start a new project, should it be professional or personal, I went full creative and found solution that suited me better, without anger, without, frustration. And I could say no, or yes, without justifying myself. So yes, I do feel good, And that was my goal to reach.

Today, look at what you accomplished these last weeks, without judging yourself, but as objectively as possible. You can do it, and this change of perspective will open your eyes on something you may have not expected.

I wish you a soft day.

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