Self Care Journey. December 31st.

We made it! We went through this month! Today is our last challenge… I will miss you all! But Tomorrow, I start my new yearly inner journey, you are more than welcome if you want to join me. I was really happy to share my personal tradition with you all. And here is the one that started all.

I do this for 10 years now, I think. I did it with Emma too, and she had a lot of fun putting glitter and painting cards, and remembering the good moments of the year. This year, I think I will change it a bit: I will write my moments, good, and not that good, on paper strips, being really careful to separate them into 2 groups… and fold them into lucky stars (I discovered I was addicted to do them… I’ll tell you more about that later 🙂 ).

So when midnight comes, I can take my bowl with those that need to go and burn them, so that they go back home, while I will decorate and put those I want to keep in a new jar. And I was thinking that I may keep paper strips by the jar, so that each time something good, surprising or just warming happens, I can write it down and fold it into a new star, before putting it in my jar. A new tradition is born!!! I don’t need to know what is written on each of them, but just seeing them and knowing what they mean will spark a smile, no doubt about that!

I wish you an excellent day. I was honored to feel you by my side this month. Thank you.

That’s my christmas present to my brother’s familly… 999 lucky stars, all filled with good thoughts and/or a smile…. told you… ‘slight’ addiction….

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