One card a week 22


We tend to see ourselves as insignificant. While we are more than that. Far more. This is why I do what I do. Sharing my little things, my doodles and quotes I love. This is also why I do doodles, why I look for quotes, why I decided to share my little things: to put some light in my own life. You see, I really feel that we are able to bring a spark even in the darkest times. And in the end, when we look at our past, we only see a trail lit by those sparks. We then realized how far we have gone on our path. We don’t really see the darkness, we only pay attention to those sparks.

So this weeks, this is what we are going to do: let our light shine, switch our sparks on. We are all able to do that, no matter who we are. We are just sparks of life who can light someone’s life.

So here is this week’s challenge:

One card a week challenge #22

Quote: « Even the smallest candle can be seen on the darkest night. Always let your light shine. You never know who might be in darkness. Michael Watson

Pattern: 5C wrapped

And here is my card:

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