My inner journey: August

This month we focus on taking care of ourselves. Because by doing so, we are able to take care of others. So it’s time to start an exercice routine, to eat all those fresh fruits and vegetables summer offers us, and to spend time with ourselves. Take a walk in the forest, or spend time […]

Mon voyage intérieur: août (01)

Huitième étape de notre voyage… cette fois, nous allons faire une pause et profiter du paysage. Et nous occuper un peu de nous, de nos proches, de ce qui nous entoure pendant notre halte. Ce mois-ci, nous allons simplement en prendre soin. J’ai pour ma part la chance d’avoir de belles vacances l’été. Et de […]

My inner journey: july

This month, we focus on enjoying. Enjoying people, enjoying places, enjoying moments. Enjoying the little things, the big ones, our life. I am in summer break, and I really enjoyed the first day of it! I can focus on my creative side, and just take the time to do whatever I feel like. Here is […]