One card a week 33


it’s summertime still… I go back to work at the end of the month. Summer break seems to reach its end as I work more and more for next year. Time for reflexion!

This summer, I spent time by myself, but I also had some bonding time with friends and familly. And I love each and every moment of it. I took the time to meditate, to do some self inquiry, and it helped me a lot to find some balance, to know where I was standing. And it feels good. A lot of things needed to be dealt with last year, mostly emotionally. I feel I am reaching a new page of my story. And I can’t wait to write it.

So this summer, I didn’t went to all the places I thought I would, but I found peace and that was the most important.

So here is your challenge:

One card a week 33

Quote: « Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.” Native American Proverb

Pattern: Auracross

Here are the rules of the challenge:

  • Each thursday, I’ll give you a quote and a pattern to play with. You can use both, you can use only one of them, it’s up to you.
  • You have till the next wednesday to make your card and share it with us in the facebook group (just ask to be added, and I will open the doors wide open to you )
  • The goal of this challenge it just to offer yourself a time to have fun with pens and cards, to ponder on words, to enjoy a ME time. We tend to forget about ourselves so easily! And sharing is such a beautiful thing to experiment in our life!


And here is my card

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