The Alchemist Grove 04. Armor

This week, we reflect on our armor of weaknesses and strengths. Because they are a whole. The time has come for for to check each part of what protects us, of what we can use as weapons too.

It’s easier for most of people to think about their weaknesses. But they are only part of who we are, the part that slow us down on our path, the part that we use as an excuse too, most of the time. Thing is, our weaknesses can change into true strengths if we know how to use them. For once, they allow us to recognize them in someone else, and to feel more empathetic for him or her.

As we remove our armor in the Grove, let’s have a look at our strengths too. What makes us go further, no matter what, on what can we count to help us face what we need to face, to evolve, to grow? No need to play the humble card and to hide behind it. For our strengths can also be weaknesses if we don’t use them adequately.

In order to protect us, in order to be fitting, our armor needs to be balanced, and in order to achieve this balance, we have to check our weaknesses and strengths, to make sure they match what we can expect of them. We need to accept each of them as a part of the whole we are. If we need to adjust here and there, now seems to be the perfect time to do so. By looking at them genuinely, without judgement, by accepting them, and by welcoming them.

The card:

When I thought about strengths and weaknesses, I immediately had this image I used in my summer deck and in Inktober. First time I tried to digitally paint something like that, that way. I had a lot of fun trying to find ways and brushes to give the effect I wanted. I first painted it in black and white but then decided it deserved something extra, to reflect determination. I think it’s the one that took me the longest, but I learned so much during the process, and I also got rid of my fears and boundaries. I enjoyed each step of it, and I am proud of what I could do too! I hope it will inspire you.

My journey

Our journal

Here are the prompts for this week:

  • My weaknesses are:
  • They can be strengths when….
  • My strength are:
  • they can become weaknesses when…

Our cards and stickers

I wish you all a good week, enjoy the time you spend with each of your strengths and weaknesses, as they are making you who you are, they are part of your whole, and should be honored as such.

I see you next sunday! Take good care of yourselves!

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