The Alchemist Grove 01. The Misty Valley

We are about to enter the Grove. It’s not yet the time to do so, but it’s here, waiting for us to make the first move. As we contemplate the playground of our journey for the year to come, we remember where we are coming from, who we are, why we are here, at the top of this mountain, ready to dive into this adventure.

This is a time of new beginnings. Everything is possible. We are full of energy, of hope, but also in peace with ourselves. This is a time of calm, of focus. A time when we can watch the landscape before us, when we can let our senses discover it, when we can create a link between the one we are here and now, and the one we will discover along the road.

New beginnings can be frightening, thrilling, exciting, expected, hoped for, awaited for a long time. They only come when we are ready to take the first move. And then we realized that it only depended on us. Once we decide to close the door on a chapter of our life to open another one on what is yet to be lived. We choose to act, to go forward, to grow, to learn. It was within us the whole time. We only needed to let this spark illuminate ourselves in order to give us the energy to finally, finally do what we are supposed to do to be who we are to be.

When I thought about new beginnings, hope, expectations, letting go, mystery, I had the vision of a misty valley. While we can see some part of it, recognizable territories, most of it is hidden under the light fluffy mist. The sun rising gives the whole scene this spark of hope of warmth, of confidence that everything will reveal itself when we need it.

We can now make the first move, with confidence. Self confidence, confidence in the process. Whatever comes, we are ready.

My journey.

These pages are meant to guide you on your own journey, if you need the extra help or if you want to join me. They are my own thoughts my own inner travel, and I added key words and the card, so you can keep the memory of it during the week. This week, I have a special gift for you too: a front page, with my drawing of the grove and the logo! I hope you like those pages!

You can find both pages in this pdf file:

Our journal

Here is your journal for your journey, with sentences to help you record your thoughts. You can use it as is, or copy them in your own journal. Or you can also do your own thing. Whatever you do, make it your own!

Get your own copy here:

Our stickers

I couldn’t help myself… here is a page of stickers or cards to inspire and motivate you on this week’s journey. Just print them (on sticker paper, or on cardboard, or on regular paper if you want to glue them into your journal or wherever you want), cut them and let them inspire you, give you this extra energy and thought to go on, to smile, to live fully.

Get them in a far better quality here:

And that’s it for this week. You are now ready to begin your inner journey, to enter the grove and to enjoy each and every step of it!

Let me know how you started your journey. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. I will see you next Sunday!!

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