The Alchemist Grove 02: Roots

In order to enjoy fully our journey in the grove, we need to have healthy roots. We can then let them tap into the collective energy of the ground, and stand strong, but also share what made us who we are today. Our roots are the base from which we can expand ourselves, the base where we can always come back to ground ourselves, to anchor ourself in the reality of our life.

Our roots are what nourishes us physically, what we enjoy doing, what keeps our body healthy, but also what we do to take care of our body, our healthy habits, what allows us to go on strong each and every day. These are our physical roots.

Our roots can also be what nourishes us mentally. These are all the resources we can reach to learn, to share, to evolve in our understanding of the world around us. They are the books, the persons, the studies we go to when we need to step back and try to understand. There are the experiences we lived as life lessons. These are our mental roots.

Our roots can be what nourishes us spiritually. What inspires us, what comfort us, what motivate us. These are our passions, our emotions, our dreams, our life philosophy, everything that takes us further, higher, deeper. These are our spiritual roots.

Our physical, mental and spiritual roots are the main ones, they brought us what we needed to become the ones we are now. We all also have those secondary roots, that makes us the unique being we each are.

It depends on us to make sure we maintain healthy roots, and do what we let them dive into helthy ground. We are not trees, if a substrat doesn’t bring us what we need, we can move our roots to a better, more fitting one.

When I thought about my roots, I envision this mystical, magical tree and ground. To me, there is something magical in the fact to be able to step back, to go deep and to tap into everything I lived to be able to anchor myself in the now and here. There is something mystical too in the fact that we have the ability to find answers to our questions just taping in the collective memory and knowledge. If our roots are healthy, we can dive deeply into it and let it help us stand strong.

This week we check on our roots and make sure we are anchored in an healthy ground.

My journey

Our journal

Our stickers

I wish you a good journey. Let your roots dive deeply and enjoy the feeling of being grounded. I know I will.

I will see you next sunday!

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