The Alchemist Grove 03. Growth rings

As our roots dive deeply in the Grove soil, we can focus on our core. We can remove our attire and have an in depth look at our growth rings. Each ring tells a story about a lesson learned, values we hold dear, principles we live by. Each of them testifies of our growth as a human being, and is the foundation of a new growth, a new rising of our being.

I’ve talked a lot about my values already, as they are what kept me going on when I thought I couldn’t anymore, because it was too hard, too painful, to scary at times too. When those challenges appeared, I discovered myself going within and relying to what made me who I was: my values and principles. I let the ego or emotions aside for a while, and allowed my values and principles guide me through hard times. When I have to make a choice, I also rely on them to help make the one that will help me grow in an healthy way.

They are the backbone of my growth, they are what keeps me standing and what allows me to grow, to learn, and to evolve to be the one I am supposed to be. If I can update my views, I never had to deny one of my core values, as they are what I am living by. They makes me who I am, they are what makes me the unique human being I am, just like your makes you the unique being you are.

My values and principles come from lessons Life taught me. Being who I am, they were intense and life changing. But they also fit my way of looking at life, of living it. They perfectly interact with each other, allowing me to have a rather harmonious evolution.

When I thought about my values and principles, I visualised growth rings. We all start with cultural or family values. We can then choose to go on with them, or to get our own. We can either grow from our first vaues or build ourselves against them. Whatever we choose to do, we grow. Each lesson we are taught in life add a layer to our core values, and we integrate them as we extract from them what we need to have an healthy growth. So growth rings made sense, and I tried to express that in my card.

This week, spend some time exploring your core values, your principles, and the most recent life lessons you received, in order to make sure that they are the strong, healthy foundations you can rise from.

My journey

Here is my personal journey, with some guide too to focus ont he card if you feel like it. Feel free to share your journey in the comments or through the contact form !

Our journal

This week, we will focus on what are our core values, principles, what are the most recent lessons life taught us, and what we need to do in order to make sure we grow an healthy way.

Our stickers

To print, cut and glue everywhere we want to!! Or to use as daily focus cards. If you use them another way, tell me, I may make a post about what I do with my quotes cards 🙂

That’s it for today. On wednesday, I think, I will share with you something special: the cards of last summer inner journey, that I translated in english. i use them as focus cards, as well as prompts for my journaling, or for meditation. I hope you will love them. If you are interested in getting the ‘real deck’ tell me, I will give you a link to have your own!

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