The Alchemist Grove 05. Castle

We all go through storms in our life. Stress, anxiety, anger are part of what we can experience in our days. That’s why we need this special place within to retreat to when needed of a peaceful, calm time out of what gets to us.

Our castle lays on strong foundations, and it offers all we need to get back to ourselves, to what fills us with joy, peace and allow us to rest before going back to our journey, rejuvenated. This is where we find comfort and anything we need to refill, to be back to ourselves. It’s a sanctuary, a sacred place we hold within, somewhere where we can go whenever we need to, and that protects us the time we need to heal.

I envision mine with a huge library where I can find the knowledge I need to allow me to step back from a situation, to have a clearer mind. This is also where my past experiences are archived, to help me compare and contrast what I’m living with what I’ve already been through. It’s a warm cozy place with cushions and comfortable armchairs, soft lights and a fireplace. Come on, we all need this kind of place in our inner castle!

Next to it, there is an office, with a huge desk, shelves with notebooks of all kind, all sorts of pens too. And a good chair where I can put on paper my feelings, my views, my dreams, where I can write, draw… I have to confess that my actual living room is an extension on this inner room. But in my castle, everything is at its place, and I can serenely pick one of the notebooks, pens or supplies of my choice and let the ink flow. Hmm… yes, i have that extension in my material life…. I am lucky.

What would be my inner castle without this terrasse roof, where huge cushions and blankets are on the floor, waiting for me to lay to watch the night sky, warmed up by a brasero in winter? I also have this other room, with a wide opening to be able to meditate and enjoy the view on the grove.

There is a music room, where my whistles are in good company with all the music I love, and an armory, because I need to put my armor and my axe somewhere, as I don’t need them here. I can also train if I feel my skills need to be update. There is also this special place that I’ll share with you next week.

Your castle can be whatever you want it to be. Just make sure your foundations are strong, that it’s filled with what makes you at peace. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a sand castle, that will be destroyed by the elements in a second. Your inner castle needs to be a shelter, a safe place, a sanctuary where you feel safe and at peace.

So this week, step aside the storm of your life for a few moments, and build, extend and make your inner castle as welcoming and warm as you need it to be. You deserve it, we all deserve to have this retreat within where we are rejuvenating before going back on our journey, stronger, more serene and filled with joy and dreams.

My journey

Our journal

This week prompts are:

  • When I need to reach peace, I can…
  • When I need to step back, I….
  • Here are my dreams and desires:
  • I can open the doors to my inner castle in…

Our cards and stickers

I wish you all a good week, don’t forget to spend time within, in your inner castle, even for a moment, to reach this inner peace you deserve.

Take good care of yourself and I’ll see you next Sunday!

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