The alchemist Grove 19. The Cave

Even in the darkness of the cave, we are building each other by sharing the drops of wisdom we receive from the Universe. We first can use them to grow stronger, but then we need to release the part we don’t need anymore to allow others to grow in their turn. We are building connections, and contribute to the elevation of others while benefiting of the process too. There is no place here for spotlight, for ego. We are just sharing what made us a bit stronger, wiser. We also add to this drop our own essence, sparks of our own being. We are building connections.

In order to do so, we need to realize that if we feel in the dark, if we don’t see the immediate results of our actions, somewhere, someone is receiving what we let go of, and use it as a source of growth. We don’t need the same amount or nature of nutrient, as we don’t grow the same way. Some will inspire others, some will offer others a strong base from where they all can expand and contribute to the whole.

I feel strong connection with people who really helped me to grow. I also never miss an opportunity to let go of seeds I know can grow into beautiful plants. I truly believe that someone, somewhere, will receive them and allow them to become whatever they were meant to be, and that they will both benefit from it. If I am lucky, I will hear about it, or even witness it.

And there are these deep strong connections with people who make us stronger, who give us the confidence to be who we are, who support us and seem to benefit from it too. We are interconnected, and each of us contribute to the expansion of who we are. Each drop reinforce who we both are, and solidify the union we created with time.

We are also aware of the same phenomenon taking place with others around us. There is no competition, no jealousy, we all go at our own pace, trusting that we are contributing to the collective growth and expansion.

So this week, let go of drops of what helped build yourself lately, and trust in the process. You may not see an immediate result, but trust that someone, somewhere, need it to grow too. And that somehow, someday, you will find in them the strong base you need to expand even more.

The card

I had a lot of fun drawing these stalactites and stalagmites. I wanted a really neutral palette, because it’s not about showing off who we are that matters, but being a part of something bigger. We each have a role to play, and this idea of connection was quickly associated in my mind with these columns built with time, drop by drop. To me it was the perfect illustration of letting go to letting grow. Of course, between my vision and what I was actually able to do, there was a huge gap, but I’m pretty happy with what I did. When the time came to add my sparks of magic ( seriously, is there anything more magical than connection?), I couldn’t go with my usual cloud of sparks… it had to be something stronger, something that would express the light it brings in the darkness… I hope you like it as much as I do!

My journey

Our journal

I wish you a beautiful week, let go of these drops and enjoy the process!

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