One card a week 03


Third week of the challenge!!

Sometimes we are not happy with our life. Let’s face it, most of the time, we can do something about it… We are just scared to move on…

I am lucky to love my job. It’s sometimes really challenging, but I do love it. I also love to be able to be creative in my private and professional lifes. Lucky me! Here is the thing:  I also have to reinvent my whole life, as everything I thought it would be just vanished when I lost my daughter. I also gained a lot of weight during her last months and after…

So I decided it was time for me to change what could be changed. I didn’t like where I was in my life, so I moved. Literally moved. I went to a gym and got a membership. And I started to work out. I did it by myself, picking what couldn’t hurt my knees or back. I also discovered that whenever I felt stressed, I could go and just let it go exercising. I felt exhausted, but I could sleep. I am just at the begining of this journey, and let me tell you there is A LOT of work to do before I feel ok with my body, but I moved. I didn’t stand there, like a tree, growing roots in front of my computer. If I could do it, let’s face it, ANYBODY can do it. And if you feel unconfortable going to a gym and comparing yourself to other people, let me tell you my secrets: my gym doesn’t have mirrors on the walls, I leave my glasses with my stuff, so I can’t see anyone, and I put music I like and that motivates me in my phone…. So I can’t see or hear anyone. I don’t go there to meet people. I go there to have a date with myself, and let go of everything too heavy to carry. So let me tell you, those weights are nothing!

But hey, I love trees too. I’ll talk to you about them another time… I love them, but I am not one of them.

Anyway, this week challenge is:

  • The quote: If you don’t like where you are, move. you are not a tree.
  • The pattern plop

Here are the rules of the challenge:

  • Each thursday, I’ll give you a quote and a pattern to play with. You can use both, you can use only one of them, it’s up to you.
  • You have till the next wednesday to make your card and share it with us in the facebook group (just ask to be added, and I will open the doors wide open to you )
  • The goal of this chalenge it just to offer yourself a time to have fun with pens and cards, to ponder on words, to enjoy a ME time. We tend to forget about ourselves so easily! And sharing is such a beautiful thing to experiment in our life!

And my card:


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